The credit of bringing up the institution goes to its principal and the staff. We also have parents who always support their children with unfailing and selfless love; and educators who are passionate and tireless in leading and nurturing their students.RPK Tramplin

                      Shri Tari said that there is need to equip the students with the skills of decision-making, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.  Rather than simply asking students to memorize and recite facts, the teachers need to provide opportunities for students to learn independently; to retrieve information from different sources; to analyze it critically and to use it effectively through project learning and other multi-disciplinary learning activities.

He said, we should also equip our youths with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can meet the demands of a fast changing world and become lifelong learners. This institution he said is doing exactly that is required to be done.

Guest of honour, Information Officer, Shri John Aguiar exhorted the students to be focussed, Be positive have an aim in life and achieve it. He said it is important to be focussed in life. Circumstances he said should not be allowed to restrict your dreams.  Learning does not end when one leaves school or college.   With the advantage of having your education at this college, coupled with hard work, positive attitude and knowledge, your dreams will take you as far as you can imagine.  Do look for the opportunities that hide behind adversities, as there is always another way of looking at the world, he concluded.

          On the occasion prizes were presented to students excelling in various academic as well as sports and other co-curricular activities.

          Principal of College Dr. Gervasio Mendes  earlier welcomed and presented the annual report of the School activities. Professor Oscar de Noronha introduced the Guests.

          General Secretary of the Students Council Shri Ameya Naik proposed a vote of thanks.

          Convener of Students Welfare Committee Shri Virendra Amonkar and Vice Chairman of PTA Shri Sada Sawal Desai were also present.


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