chief minister manohar parrikar state putting a ban on film shootings and exhibition in capital city is not the solution


28-jan-2013 … Stating that the ccp councilors might have taken the decision of putting a ban on film shootings and exhibitions following the traffic congestion inside the capital city Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday said that the decision of allowing to hold exhibitions in the ccp jurisdiction was up to ccp council while allowing of film shootings was with the collector and the entertainment society of goa …

It may be noted that the decision of putting a ban on film shootings and exhibitions in the capital city was welcomed by the citizens from the ccp jurisdiction the same had drawn criticism from state minister as well as local politicians who had said that putting a ban was not the right way and there could be ways of adjusting and accommodating people and their interests.

Speaking to media reporter’s chief minister Manohar Parrikar said that though ccp might had put up a ban due to traffic congestion the issue had to be handled in the right manner as putting a ban was not the solution for ccp

st cruz mla babush monsoratte also commented over the youth congress president Pratima Coutinho who had asked the state chief minister to revoke the ban of film shootings and exhibitions from the ccp jurisdiction

Meanwhile Ccp mayor Vaidehi naik said that representatives of certain association had asked them to reconsider the same decisions and ccp would look in to it after putting it in to the council meeting