Panaji ; Aug 24, 2014 …. Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar launched New Patrol Vessel “AVEMARIA-14”   at the Fisheries Jetty Panaji  and thereafter  inaugurated  a Modern Control Room at Fisheries Department, today in  the distinguished presence of  Minister for Fisheries,  Shri Avertano Furtado and MLA Shri Jose Luis Carlos Almeida.

The function was organized by Directorate of Fisheries, Government of Goa.   

Director of Fisheries, Dr. (Smt.) Shamila Monteiro was also present on the occasion.

          The new 15 meter length Patrol Boat, would be able to cover more than 40 nautical miles offshore of Goan waters at the speed of 30 knots. This new vessel is installed with various and latest electronic equipment such as marine radar, VHS, radio communication instruments, etc. It is hoped that with this new fisheries patrol boat, the monitoring, control and surveillance of the Goan waters would be more efficient and effective to ensure the sustainability of the fisheries resources. 

          Expressing happiness the Chief Minister said that the Department of Fisheries is committed to provide better infrastructure to the fishing industry in order to improve the socio-economic conditions of the fishermen, increase the fish production in the state on scientific basis and explore different aspects of fisheries.

The control room is equipped with a wireless communication facility, which enables the Department to broadcast weather conditions and tides at sea and warn fishermen venturing into rough seas. Therese broadcasts will be made every hour and the fishermen will be advised to tune in to weather channels for updates. The control room will also be provided with a radar and AIS receiver which will enable the control room to recognize friendly fishing vessels within its range.

          The Chief Minister along with Fisheries Minister and others were taken around in the new vessel to have a firsthand feel of the same.


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