The Election Commission of India (ECI) to give respect to Senior Voters and to acknowledge their continuous contribution to Electoral Process celebrated International Day of Older Persons on October 1, 2022 by felicitating and personally addressing the 80+ Centenarian voters by felicitating them & handing over the Letter by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Shri Rajiv Kumar.

 The Booth Level Officers across Goa personally visited the 80+ and Centenarian Electors and handed over the CEC Letter to the senior Matdata. The Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant Electoral Registration Officers visited the Centenarian electors in various parts of Goa, felicitated them and handed over a CEC letter addressed to the Senior Elector.

CEC in its letter has thanked the senior electors for their continuous contribution in the Electoral process and has stated that the Senior Electors have set an example for the youth through their zeal of participating in the democratic process and thereby strengthening Indian Democracy.

CEC has further appreciated our senior electors who have witnessed socio-political-economic dynamics; they have been a part of continuous Evolution mechanism thus strengthening the electoral process and making elections Free, Fair, Inclusive and Participative. The Election Commission of India salutes the strength, resilience and conviction of each of the senior voters for fulfilling their Democratic Duty towards the nation.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer Goa has also appreciated the efforts of 80+ years and Centenarian Electors for creating a foundation for the future of Democracy by their continuous Commitment towards a stronger electoral process.

Goa records around 29000 electors with 80+ age group out of which 330 Electors belong to 100+ age group. All the BLOs received good response from the senior electors during their visit to felicitate the centenarian electors and 80+ age group voters.  The appreciation by the CEC through a personalized letter received overwhelming response by the Senior Voters. Many Senior Voters appreciated the efforts of  Election Commission of India for the last General Assembly Elections 2022 wherein postal ballot facility was provided to the 80+ electors and they also assured their participation in the upcoming electoral processes in future..


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