fishing ban in goa could extend from 45 days to 60 days asserts fisheries minister avertano furtado


18-jan-2013 …. The state government is trying out the modalities of extending the fishing ban activity from 45 days to 60 days provided every organization connected with the fishing activities aggress to it said fisheries minister avertano furtado on Friday …

It may be noted that in order to ensure that fish continues to be available the state has started its process to extend the ban on fishing in Goa’s sea waters to two months as the government steps up effort to stave off a fish famine while presently the ban period, is 45 days

Though earlier there has been an opposition from most of the local fishermen which had forced the department of fisheries to withdraw its proposal of extending the fishing ban period in the state from the existing 45 days to 60 days and could be observed from June 15 to august 15.

Commenting over illegal fishing in goa waters by the fisherman from other states avertano said the chief minister had promised his department of giving four high speed vessel boats through which his department would keep an eye on such illegal fishing activities

avertano also stated that they would not release the illegal trawlers who were arrested illegally fishing in goa waters