Panaji, January 08, 2019 … Due to increase in use of unauthorized Drone/UAV in Goa during heavily crowded events and beach activities which can be a major potential risk to public safety and privacy, Goa Police has successfully tested a new solution which can live track current location of flying unauthorized Drones. The data can also be stored for later investigation.

Goa Police successfully used Drone Detection System for public safety and privacy during new year’s eve.

The system was deployed  in Baga area with ATS personnel under supervision of SP Shri. Karthik Kashyap. This system is mobile and works for a radius of 5 Km range. It hasfacility of PA system to announce and alert the public. It can also can be used to provide added safety to VVIP Movements and other big events in the State of Goa such as Carnival etc. wherein large number of people congregate.

This Drone can be used to monitor crowd movements, any suspicious movements within crowd, also vehicular traffic movements can be monitored and necessary instructions can be passed to the ground staff.

This new system will put a hold on unauthorized and unsafe use of drones and add to the safety and privacy of visiting tourists. The system was  presented by Bengaluru based startup IIO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In association with DJI and L3 ASA PVT. LTD.   


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