Panaji, September 18, 2018 … Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) announced that Goa will soon have a smart and intelligent E-waste management system for handling Electronic Waste generated in the State. This announcement was made by Mr.Sanjit Rodrigues, Managing Director, GWMC at the launch of the Project ‘E-Waste Management Plan for the State of Goa’, held at Hotel Varanda Do Mar, Miramar, by GWMC and its implementing agency, Toxics Link on  September 5, 2018.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Sanjit Rodrigues emphasized the need for improved awareness, robust and efficient collection mechanism supported by an online system. He said, “we will come up with a model system in Goa, which can be replicated all over the country’. He further stressed on the need to put a stop to the e waste flows to informal sector, given its hazardous nature of processing.

Elaborating on the issue, Shri Satish Sinha, Associate Director, Toxics Link said “a robust e waste management will enable consumers to dispose off their E waste at a click of a button and track it down, thus bringing in complete transparency.”

E-waste is recognized as one of the most toxic waste streams globally. With the increasing consumption of Electronics in Goa, E-waste is also on a rise and can be a cause of serious concern for the state if not managed well. This 2-year project, to set up a sustainable e-waste management system in the State, will be implemented by Toxics Link that will assess the quantum of this waste generated and also device a model for collection, storage, safe transportation and disposal of E-waste in the State.

The project team stated that surveys to map the E-waste generation patterns and volumes have been initiated.  The project launch was applauded by all and there was optimism and hope in moving towards a sustainable solution for e-waste issues in the State.

The project launch was attended by all the major stakeholders, including government departments, private companies, Industry Associations and civil society organizations.


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