Goa State BJP to follow mahatma Gandhiji’s principles for its state mahasampark abhiyan by way of visiting each and every house in Goa …


16/07/2015 …. Saying no to news media publicity the state Bharatiya Janata party have thought of taking a leaf out of the father of the nation mahatma Gandhi principles by way of visiting each and every house during its ongoing party mahsampark abhiyan in to the state of goa …

It may be noted that members of the BJP goa state unit along with some BJP MLAs office bearers had recently attended its party’s review meeting on its Mahasampark Abhiyan, a membership drive where in the BJP national president Amit Shah asking the party members to reach towards each and every house informing about its party progress undertaken in the state of goa

The state BJP currently has more than 4 lakh members in the state, and aims to increase members in the run up to 2017 assembly election.

Speaking to exclusively to goanreporter vice president of state bjp party dr Wilfred mesquita said that the recent review meet with the bjp national president amit shah was to gear up the workers of bjp party in carrying forwards the good work of the bjp led governments both at the centre and in the state through its mahasampark abhiyan just like mahatma Gandhi used to carry his message in an independent spirit without the help of any media …

Mr mesquita said that a time had come for its party workers to work had to reach towards every goan through its mahasampark abhiyan and not to expect any help from any media publicity in it

Meanwhile commenting over the issue spokesperson of the state congress party adv yatish naik said that people of the state had not seen any worthwhile bjp led government and administration in the state and therefore bjp had to go towards people and tell as how they had fooled goans every now and then


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