goans for dabolim only demands of scrapping mopa airport over the issue of jica corruption case


24/07/2015 …. Raising doubts on the master-plan of mopa airport Convener of goans for dabolim only fr eremito rebello has said that citing the issue of Louis berger corruption case there was also a need for the crime branch to conduct an inquiry in to the consultancy services of mopa airport that were given to the same company …

Addressing media persons in panjim gfdo convernor fr eremit rebello said that there was a serious question being raised on the state bjp led government if they were really serious in solving the corruption case of louis berges in the jica project

Fr rebello also demanded for the scraping of the mopa airport until questions doubts and suspicious raised in the public domain about the jica corruption case were answered to the satisfaction of all concerned …


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