government need to impelment strict rules in state schools says st andre mla vishnu surya wagh


21-jan-2013 …Stating that strict law were needed to be implemented in various schools of the state kala academy chairman Vishnu surya wagh on Monday said that time had come for the state government to force state schools to form vishaka committee in their respective schools so that incident such as the vasco rape incident could be tackled in future and would also ask the state government for special funds for state schools security purpose…

Wagh is currently heading the Goa education department formed high-level committee who are probing into the suicide of a rape victim who burnt herself fearing her rapist will harm her.

The committee headed by Wagh had also held a number of meetings in regard to the investigation and are also investigating the role of the school in which the teacher Kanhaiya Naik, accused of raping his student used to teach.

Speaking to goanreporter over the vasco rape incident Wagh said as he along with entire committee members had visited the site at vasco he had expressed his apprehensions on the same day to the police officers on the role of the headmistress in to the entire episode who was the focal point of the incident after which she had been arrested now

Wagh said that the committee had already prepared five to six suggestions which they would asked the government to implement in every schools of the state as against the backdrop of vasco incident and also on forming the vishaka committees..

 Wagh said that the state government had to make funds available for security purposes in the schools

 Commenting over his committee progress over the kanaya naik molestation case on which even some of the congress leaders had criticized the house committee for not coming out with the report wagh said his committee was acting on a faster pace and had almost verified most of the witnesses in front of the camera in to the case