Panaji ; Aug 14, 2014 … Governor of Goa Shri Om Prakash Kohli has extended his warm and cordial greetings and best wishes to the People of Goa, on the historic and solemn occasion of the 67th Anniversary of Independence of our Motherland.

The Governor in his message has said that Independence Day is a landmark occasion in the long and chequered history of our great country. We must heartily celebrate it with renewed patriotic Spirit, national fervor, unity and fresh enthusiasm.

The Governor said we are at the threshold of yet another year of Independence. The celebrations of this national occasion should focus our thoughts on the long-drawn heroic struggle and the sacrifices made by our illustrious national leaders, the martyrs and the freedom fighters, under the inspiring leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, which culminated in the attainment of freedom from colonial subjugation. I join the people of Goa in paying my homage and tributes to the sacred memory of all those noble souls who laid down their precious lives for the supreme cause of freedom of our nation.

The Governor said since gaining independence, the people of India, began the stupendous task of nation-building. It is a matter of satisfaction for the citizens of our country, that during the last over 6 decades of planned and vision-oriented developmental process, we have made phenomenal progress in various spheres of human activity, including agriculture, industry, education, health, science and technology, transport, shipping, tourism, aviation, and so on. There is no doubt that, through the successful implementation of the successive five year plans, and our abiding faith in democratic system of governance, India has emerged as a powerful nation in the world, politically and economically.

Embedded to the noble ideals of Truth and Non-violence, international peace, order and co-existence, our country has been able to win the esteem of other nations in the world. Our nation had faced and overcome many major and perplexing challenges in the past, and consolidated its hard-earned freedom andpreserved its territorial integrity. It is matter of pride for all of us that, today ours is the biggest democracy in the world, and we have a clear vision, and are determined to make our country a Super Power. This is a stupendous task which calls for the continued hard work and effective contribution of all citizens. It is also appropriate for us to remember, on this occasion, that while our achievements so far have been impressive, our country is still confronted with some major socio-economic problems such as poverty, illiteracy, ill-health, mal-nutrition, etc.

He said, freedom becomes meaningful only when all our citizens enjoy the fruits of development, and the quality of their life is raised to a satisfactory level, a goal which we are yet to achieve fully. Independence Day is an appropriate occasion for all of us, as responsible citizens of this great country, to rededicate ourselves to fulfill all the needs and aspirations of our citizens, especially the teeming millions living in poverty and other sub-human conditions.

The Governor further said that the State of Goa has to its credit many spectacular achievements in the political, economic, social and cultural fields, since its historic liberation from colonial rule in 1961. As the State proudly joins the national mainstream in celebrating the Independence Day, it is worth mentioning that the people of Goa have proved their abiding faith in democracy, once again, in the recently held Lok Sabha elections in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Hailed as a place of peace and high-end tourist destination in the world map, and endowed with abundant resources, both human and material, Goa has a bright future, to become a most prosperous and promising State in our country, provided the people continue to work with renewed determination and steadfastness of purpose.

The supreme task before us should be the all-round development of the State, ensuring to all the citizens justice, social and economic with particular reference to the weaker and vulnerable sections of the society. Renewed efforts should be made to protect the State’s pristine environment and ecology, which along with the unique cultural qualities make Goa a major source of tourism development.

He exuded confidence that the people of Goa will collectively endeavour and contribute to this important cause and make their State a roll model for others. Needless to say that the social values, cultural qualities and economic prosperity of the States greatly add to the overall image, glory and progress of the nation. Goa must move forward steadily in its march towards greater progress, and the people should protect and preserve all the good traditions and cultural qualities that make their State unique and attractive in its identity and status.  

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day the Governor hoped that the people of Goa will rededicate themselves to the noble cause of protecting, preserving and further enriching our freedom, and contribute to greater progress and prosperity of their State and the country.  


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