Panaji, JANUARY 1, 2019 … … ‘All that starts well, ends well’. Rightly using this phrase, Governor, Smt Mridula Sinha on 1st January, 2019 initiated Cleanliness Drive opposite Goa Medical College along with the Officers of Raj Bhavan as well its staff members. Drive was organized by St. Cruz and Curca Village Panchayat along with Goa Medical College and Directorate of Panchayats.

Governor had expressed concern over the existence of black spots around Goa Medical College area due to littering of plastic along the road side and therefore; Sarpanch of St Cruz and Curca Village Panchayat, Panchayat Department as well as Goa Medical College officials were directed last week to take immediate steps to clean the eye sore along the road opposite Goa Medical College.

Governor was received by Secretary to Chief Minister, Shri J. Ashok Kumar, IAS and Shri Pradeep Naik, Dean Goa Medical College at the site, who also contributed their services for cleanliness along with their Officers and Staff. Present at the venue were Shri Rupesh Kumar Thakur, IAS, Secretary to Governor, Ms. Biju Naik, Jt. Secretary to Governor and Shri Anshuman Abhishek, OSD to Governor and Shri A. Kalyana Harsha, Comptroller to Governors Household.

Director Panchayat Shri Rajan Satardekar along with his team planned the drive along with Smt. Disha D. Kavlekar, Sarpanch, St. Cruz Village Panchayat and Smt Roshan P. Vernekar, Sarpanch Curca Village Panchayat Shri Deepak Vaigankar, BDO, Tiswadi. Shri Levinson Martins, District Collector, North, appealed to the Goa Civil Service Officers to participate in the drive and accordingly, Shri Vikas Gaunekar, Shri Mahesh Khorjuvekar, Shri Gopal Parsekar, Shri Dattaram Sardesai, Smt Siddhi Halankar, Shri Dashrath Redkar, Shri Vinayak Volvoikar etc. participated in the drive.         

In a meeting called earlier this week of St Cruz and Curca Village Panchayats members and Director Panchayat, the Panchayat members had apprised the Officers of the Raj Bhavan of the ground level difficulties faced by Panchayat bodies in terms of funds as well as constant littering of place by unknown people at odd hours, to evade penal action. Therefore Governor has assured to take up such issues with Government very soon. Governor has instructed elected representatives as well as officers to continuously take up cleaning of such black spots and convert such black spots to green spots, so that people become sensitized towards cleanliness. She also requested the Officers to take up cleanliness drives on regular basis throughout the year


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