Beach Lifeguard Towers at Miramar and Calangute beach


25/12/2014 … The Beach Lifeguard Towers at Miramar and Calangute beach were inaugurated on 24th Dec 2014 at the hands of Shri. Dilip Parulekar, Hon. Minister of Tourism in the presence of Shri Ameya Abhankar (IAS), Director of Tourism.

At the time of inauguration new state of art equipment to be deployed for the water safety and beach lifeguarding services were displayed and a demonstration was also given.

It was informed to the Minister that the Beach Lifeguard Tower is made from FRP structures manufactured using pultrusion process. They possess nearly the same strength of steel but does not corrode which shall result in long lifespan. The assembly process is environmental friendly. In an emergency it can be dismantled and re assembled without high replacement costs.

The new product of Sea Doo , the SPARK jet skiis ( watercrafts ) were also displayed. At 184 kgs The SPARKS are nearly 50% ligher than the jet skiis presently deployed. The 4 stroke engine is about 35 % more fuel efficient. The jet ski can reach speeds of 40mph instantly. The hull and deck are made from Polytec a low density and high impact composite material. The structure of the Spark is Exoskel an all new aluminium skeletal that keeps the essential parts in the front of the watercraft while maintaining a strong but lightweight frame. 

The AED ( Automatic External Defibrillator ) of Philips which guides the user when used was also displayed alongwith the ICOM’s latest  M24 model communication systems. 

The Minister was informed that nearly every beach would be having a AED which will help lifeguards to provide necessary assistance during the golden minutes while waiting for para medics to arrive.

The Minister was informed that rest of the towers would be constructed on the same lines.  He exhorted Team Drishti to keep up the good work and strive for betterment at all times.


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