International Maritime Organisation Commends Indian Coast Guard Officer for Bravery


18/07/2014 …. A subordinate Officer of the Indian Coast Guard, Uttam Adhikari Mahavir Singh has been commended by the International Maritime Organisation for display of exceptional bravery at sea while assisting in the firefighting operations on board merchant vessel Mol comfort, thus avoiding a pollution incident.

 Mahavir Singh also upheld the finest traditions of Coast Guard by evacuating an injured crew member from Shipping Corporation of India, Tug Urja which was towing M/V Mol Comfort, further, without any regard to his personal wellbeing the Coast Guard officer rescued two fellow crew members who were thrown into the sea by violent waves from the inflatable boat of ICGS Samudra Prahri which was engaged in the firefighting operation. This is the first ever bravery commendation received by any Indian mariner from United Nations subsidiary, IMO.

Last year on 17 June, merchant vessel Mol comfort, whilst enroute from Singapore to Jeddah, was experiencing flooding onboard due to a crack in her hull. Subsequently the ship broke in two parts and both parts were reported to be adrift. ICG took over the operation in deep Arabian Sea at about 900 kms away from Indian coast. Several Coast Guard ships and aircraft were deployed for rescue mission, firefighting and environment protection.

Since inception the Indian Coast Guard has saved 6402 lives and conducted 3687 ship and air sorties for Search and Rescue Operations.



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