Panaji: April 07, 2015 …. Governor of Goa, Mrs. Mridula Sinha has said, Goa is a maritime state for centuries, having an impressive seafaring heritage. It has fine natural harbors, ports and excellent network of inland waterways. The Governor further said,  Mormagoa Port is one of our country’s important port.

The Governor Mrs. Mridula Sinha was speaking at the 52nd National Maritime Day Celebration function held at Ravindra Bhavan, Baina, Vasco recently.

Others present were Prof. Sasikumar Punnekkat, Director of BITS Pilani, Shri Cyril George, Chairman, Mormogoa Port Trust, Shri Bodh Raj, Surveyor in Charge, Captain S. S. Tripathi, Dy. Conservator of MPT.

Speaking further the Governor said, India has a long coastline of over 7,500 kms. with many major and minor ports. Maritime industry is a flourishing sphere of our national economy and it contributes significantly to the economic growth as well as employment generation. From national security point of view also, maritime activity is an important area the Governor further added.

The Governor said, our country has a rich maritime legacy. It goes back to the ancient times. Our people were known as great sea farers with immense navigational skill, imagination and enterprise. Addressing the function the Governor further said, Indian mythology and history are linked to maritime activities. India had trade links with several nations in the world since time immemorial. The Governor said, National Maritime Day is celebrated every year. It is a significant occasion because the maritime sector in the country has an important role to play in the national developmental strategy the Governor added.

Addressing the function the Governor said, there is considerable scope for the state of Goa for promotion of maritime activities, particularly, tourism related areas. We should explore the possibility of introducing new and attractive activities to boost maritime industry and tourism the Governor added.


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