members of goa mining people’s front meet chief minister manohar parrikar sought as why state government has not put their say over the mining issue in the supreme court


7-jan-2013 … Members of the goa people’s mining front on Monday met the state chief minister Manohar Parrikar and sought to know about the state government progress over the schemes meted out for the mining affected people especially for the truck owners association ….

The members of the truck owners association sought to know from the chief minister as why the state government had not kept their say in the supreme court till date over the mining issue and also insisted on getting the trucks under the edc department for loan repayment to various banks and also has asked for a sum of rs fifty thousand for each truck owner and twelve thousand for each goan driver under the mining affected package scheme ….

Speaking to media reporter a member of south goa truck owner’s association Prasad phaldesai said that they has questioned the state chief minister Manohar Parrikar as why his government had not put their say in the court till date on which chief minister Parrikar had said that the state government would put their say in the supreme court on 17th of this month when the hearing would come up in the court …

Prasad also said that the members had also asked the chief minister to forfeit their trucks yearly road tax payment..

Meanwhile another member of the association Mahesh angle said that at the moment they were not interested in any package as such but were asking the government to impress upon rbi to stop sending them the letters of repayments of loans taken for purchase of trucks ..