NFDC & Moviebuff announce Moviebuff Appreciation awards for Film Bazaar 2018 … Awards aimed at recognising new upcoming filmmakers


Panaji, Goa, 23 November 2018: NFDC & Moviebuff announced their collaboration with the Moviebuff Appreciation awards for the Film Bazaar 2018. Moviebuff Appreciation awards will recognise cinematic excellence and help promote new aspiring filmmakers. The awards will be scrutinised by an eminent panel of jury consisting of internationally acclaimed festival programmers/directors, producers and industry executives.

Film Bazaar is the converging point for film buyers and sellers from all over the world. The focus is on discovering, supporting and showcasing South Asian content and talent in filmmaking, production and distribution.

Moviebuff will present the Moviebuff Appreciation awards to three winners each of whom will receive Rs 3 Lakh worth of sponsorship for their first movie. The award will include:

• Two Lakh worth of trailer promotion through 300 Qube network theatres. This will enable the filmmakers to gain a wider reach to the theatrical audience and help create visibility for their movie.

•  Moviebuff will master the DCI DCP free of cost. 

• Filmmakers will get a Qube Wire account with a wallet worth US$ 500. This can be redeemed   when they use the Qube Wire platform for distribution of movie content.

Moviebuff offers the most exhaustive database of movie related information to an Indian movie-going audience. It aims to be an end-to-end solution for a variety of users, including, but not limited to, consumers, content creators, exhibitors and affiliates, and serves the role of a one-stop shop for these users, providing information as well as solutions for anything related to the business of movies — consumption, exhibition and content creation.

“We are extremely excited about the Moviebuff Appreciation awards.  We hope the partnership with NFDC will help to promote new aspiring filmmakers who have the spark in them for good storytelling. Moviebuff has been involved in many innovative initiatives which help to spot new talent and give them an opportunity to pursue their cinematic dream.” said Jayendra Panchapakesan, Co-founder of Qube Cinema, on the occasion of the launch of the award.

Qube Cinema is the technical partner of Film Bazaar 2018 and has been providing technical support since 2012. The technical support this year includes deployment of digital cinema equipment for playback at the screening theatres, mastering of the films selected for the Film Bazaar screening, free KDM and quality control, managing the movie DCP and scheduling.


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