Panjim city traffic department installs seven close circuit TV cameras in and around the Panjim city


12/02/2014 … In an effort to ease traffic congestion as well as traffic violators in to the capital city of Panjim the city traffic department has installed around seven close circuit TV cameras in and around the Panjim city.

The initiative from the state traffic department has been a step forward towards making the capital city not only free from traffic congestion or traffic violation on those violating traffic laws which result in traffic jams and hardships for the people but also to keep crimes and thefts under check.

According to traffic officials CCTV cameras are important as it is not possible to post a traffic police at every point, adding it is a common tendency that once a common man notices a traffic police he would immediately put the helmet or the seat belt to avoid being fined.

but if the cameras are in place, the road users will be careful and will avoid violating the laws due to the fear of being caught as the cameras act as the law enforcing agency.

Mr virnodkar said city in the control room the traffic department was able to issue 600-800 fines for traffic violators in a month

 Presently there are seven high definition cctv camera’s installed in the capital city starting right from kadamba bus stand up to Miramar circle and are also in process of installing another eight cameras in days to come

 Panjim traffic pi dharmesh angle said that the major problem was that vehicles remain parked in a haphazard manner which leads to choking of the roads and with the idea of cctv being installed in the capital city there was some road sense and people were more careful in the movement besides obeying traffic rules