Press Release For the day as on 14.07.2014 Pertaining to the cases registered at below mentioned Police Stations/Units are as under.


Dated 15.07.2014


PANAJI PS: Smt Sangeeta w/o Deepak Shetye r/o near post office Mala- Panaji- Goa complained that on 13.07.14 at 14.00 hrs. at Sensation beauty parlour- Caranzalem, accused Smt Smita  Kanaskar r/o St. Cruz- Panaji criminally trespassed into her beauty parlour with the  preparation to cause hurt  and  assaulted  with slaps, twisted her left   hand finger causing  her injury, abused her in filthy words and threatened her of dire consequences. Cr.No.287/14 u/s 452, 323, 504, 506 (ii) IPC is registered. PSI Pawar is I.O.

PERNEM PS: Shri Alberto Paulo r/o Temwada- Morjim complained that on 12.07.14 between 20.30 hrs.  to 21.30 hrs., of 13.07.14  at Temwada- Morjim, unknown culprit/s  entered into his  house by breaking  lock  of main door  and committed theft of  two  cameras make  Cannon and Samsung, four wrist watches, two gold finger rings, ATM Card of Oriental Bank  and cash of Rs.25,000/- all W/Rs.1,20,000/- approx. Cr.No.134/14 u/s 454, 457, 380 IPC is registered. ASI S.  Naik is I. O.

BICHOLIM PS: Victim lady complained that between 13th June  2014  to 08 July 2014 at Sankhalim, accused Santosh Rajaram Shirodkar r/o Sakhali came to  the her house and damaged plants, abused  with filthy words, assaulted  with  slaps on her  face and  outraged her modesty  by touching  her  body, accused also  threatened  with dire consequence and  further  harassing  her by  making continues phone calls. Cr.No.164/14 u/s 354-A, 354-B, 354-D, 504, 506 and 427 IPC is registered. PSI Y. R. Gawas is I. O.

PONDA PS: Shri Vinayak Upadhya, age 45 yrs., r/o Agapur complained that on 14.07.14 between 13.10 hrs. to 13.30 hrs.,  at Kapileshwari- Ponda, accused Anand, age 25 yrs., r/o Chennai, Tamil Nadu, committed theft of  cash of Rs.2,00,000/- from his vehicle. Cr.No.278/14 u/s 379 IPC is registered. PSI Satish Gawde is I. O.

CALANGUTE PS: Shri Gaurav Gupta S/o Ashok Kumar Gupta, officer of wild life, Crime and Cruelty cell- People for animals- New Delhi complained that on 14.07.14 between 12.30 hrs.  to 14.00 hrs,  at Om Shop- Calangute, upon a  reliable  information  a raid  was conducted and during  raid  items made up  of Skin and bones of snakes, wild animals and  mollusca such as  1)6 ladies shoulder bag , 2)  6 ladies hand bag, 3)  Bracelets made up of  snake bones, 4)  two  wild  buffalo horns big and small , one piece  of snake  skin all W/Rs.2,20,050/- approx.,  which were found illegally  displayed in said  shop  for sale., accused  owner namely Ravi Chawan is found  dealing  in trade of  above items and is suspected  to be  involved in hunting  of wild life animals, snakes and mollusca. Cr. No. 179/14 u/s 44(1) (a), 49-B and 51 of wild life Act 1972 is registered. PSI Pednekar is I. O.

ANJUNA PS: Victim girl, age 16 yrs., complained that between 9.07.14 to 14.07.14 at 16.00 hrs.  at  Arpora, accused 1)  Santosh Gocchi, 2)  Mr. Ghanshyam Shaw, 3)  Mrs. Rubina Jela, 4) Narayan Lala, 5)  Mr. Suraj Raut, 6)  Mr. Shantanu  and 7)  Ms. Deeptimayee Baria all r/o Orissa  brought her for prostitution activities by giving false promises, wrongfully  confined her at  Room No.311,  Hotel Arpora, assaulted  and molested her, accused  were also  living  on the  earnings of her  prostitution activities. All accused arrested. Cr.No.74/14 u/s 3, 4 and 5 of Immoral Traffic Act 1956 and Sect 420, 370-A, 372, 354-A, 342, 323 IPC Sect 4 of POCSO Act 2012 is registered. PI Naik is I. O.


 CURCHOREM PS: Shri Sanjay Gurudas Naik r/o Mirabag- Curchorem complained that on 01.07.14 at 10.00 hrs.  at Cada Hall- Curchorem, accused  Xavier  Fernandes and  Jasasinto  Fernandes  both r/o  Toremol- Curchorem  being owners  of Honda  City car No.GA-06-D-3366, with their  common intention induced him  to purchase the same  and received an amount of Rs.2,82,000/- towards the said car from him,  further  dishonestly  failed to transfer  the  ownership, thereby  committed  breach of trust and cheated  him, further  they  took away  said car which  was in his possession without  his knowledge and permission  from above  open place in which  he  has kept one Samsung Mobile  phone in black color, two  D.Ds ,  counter slip of Rs.5000 of said  D.Ds and RC book  of vehicle No.GA-09-U-3192 and thereby committed theft of above items. Cr.No.49/14 u/s 406, 420, 379 r/w 34 IPC is registered.


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