Press Release For the day as on 24.07.2014 Pertaining to the cases registered


Dated 25.07.2014

Press Release For the day as on 24.07.2014 Pertaining to the cases registered at below mentioned Police Stations/Units are as under.


PANAJI PS: On 24.07.2014,one person namely Sunil s/o Pandurang Narvekar, age 36 yrs., r/o Oitem-Taleigao was brought dead at GMC Bambolim as a case of hanging at his residence. U.D.No.53/14 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. is registered. PSI S. Narvekar is I. O.

AGACAIM PS: Fr. Albano Fernandes r/o Bambolim Ilhas-Goa complained that in intervening night of 23.07.2014 from 21.00 hrs. to 24.07.2014 at 06.00 hrs.  unknown accused persons entered the Holy Cross shrine-Bambolim by parting the main side door from the bottom and decamped with cash at around Rs.60,000/- from the donation boxes and 12 gold chains, three  gold crosses and two gold  rings from the statue of our  lady Fatima W/Rs.8 lakhs approx. total W/rs.8,60,000/- approx. Cr.No.71/14 u/s 457, 380 IPC is registered.

OLD GOA PS: Shri Shahid Kamruddin Kureshi r/o St. Cruz complained that on 20.07.14 at about 00.20 hrs. near Hera Bar-Rego Bagh-St.Cruz, unknown driver of unknown vehicle  drove his vehicle  in a rash and  negligent manner  without proper care and caution while proceeding from St. Cruz to Bambolim and when reached near Hera Bar- Rego Bagh, dashed against male pedestrian Mr. Amit @ Amar Mishra, age 24 yrs., r/o St. Cruz causing body injuries. The accused rider/driver fled away from the spot with his vehicle without giving medical attention to injured or without informing police. Cr.No.138/14 u/s 279,338 IPC & Sec-134(a) (b) of M.V. Act is registered. HC-Ashok Parab is I.O.

PONDA PS: Shri Hitendra G. Shinkre r/o Ponda-Goa complained that on 02.06.2014 (TNK)  at Panditwada-Ponda, accused Javed Kazi r/o  Curti- Ponda  under the pretext of selling his Hundai car  No.GA-05-D-0586 for an amount of Rs.14,00,000/- and  disappeared thereby misappropriated the  amount. Accused arrested and kept in PS Lock Up. Cr.No.290/14 u/s 406 IPC is registered. HC- Bhomkar is I. O.

BICHOLIM PS: Shri Paresh Prakash Naik r/o Dongri-Mandoor complained that on 23.07.2014 at about 17.15 hrs. at Vadahawada-Shirgao, accused Ravi Peru Ghadi r/o Assonora riding M/Cycle no. GA-04-J-1374 rode his M/Cycle in a rash and negligent manner while proceeding from Assonora to Shirgao and when reached at Vadahawada-Shirgao, dashed M/Cycle no. GA-07-D-3478 which was coming in an opposite direction thereby causing injuries to rider (himself) & pillion rider Varsha Paresh Naik. Cr.No.171/14 u/s 279, 337, 338 IPC is registered. HC-D.V. Gawas is I.O.


QUEPEM PS: Shri Vithal Gaonkar-Sub Divisional Engineer BSNL Office -Quepem complained that prior to 23.07.2014 TNK at Katta Amona, some  unknown  accused person committed theft of copper cable W/rs.30,000/- approx which was drawn in pipe in an open place Cr.No.50/14 u/s 379 IPC is registered. HC-G.S. Gaonkar is I.O.

MAINA CURTORIM P.S.: On 24.07.2014, dead body of one unknown male person age about 28-32 yrs was found lying dead at Satimol Talconda-Raia. Dead body shifted to I.D. Hospital-Ponda for PME. U.D.No.52/14 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. is registered. PSI- Deu Mangaonkar is I. O.


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