state government announces 4th of april as elections dates for ccp mayor and deputy mayor post


The state government on Monday informed the state legislative assembly that the election to the post of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the City Corporation of Panaji have now been slated for April reserving two out of five terms of mayor for women …

D’Souza was replying to the calling attention motion raised by his own party colleague – BJP MLA Pramod Sawant.

The government last week had suddenly postponed the Mayor and Deputy Mayor election, claiming that it is examining the demand of some citizens to keep the Mayor’s post reserved.

The opposition Congress had however created furore over the issue in the Assembly as well as outside as the new Mayor was supported by the Congress MLA Babush Monseratte.

Urban development minister Francis D’Souza also informed the legislative assembly one third of total five terms of the Mayor would be reserved for women and all the all the Panaji corporators would be brought under Lokayukta Act and they will have to declare their assets, like MLAs, before Lokayukta.

Independent mla vijai Sardessai mentioned that though the government had announced the date for elections it had failed to justify the inexplicable last minute cancellation of the mayor and deputy mayor elections

Commenting over the issue of ccp elections sardinha said that it was so unfortunate that the state chief minister had intervene when we had a democracy and it was up to the people to decided as what was right or wrong as elected members had the right to choose their own leader’s ..

Meanwhile st cruz mla babush monsoratte said that he was waiting for the truth to come out from the court order over the writ petition which was filed at the Bombay high court at goa