state tourism department to increase fees for holding sun burn event from this year 2013


16-jan-2013 … With the sanctity of goa traditional culture going in to doldrums the state tourism department seems to be in no mood of holding the sun burn event again in to the state of goa and has decided to implement strict conditions along with a huge fee of more than three crores of rupees which would have to be paid by the event organizers if were interested in holding the sun burn event 2013 this year …

In the past few years Sunburn has been one of the most popular Electro Dance Music festival which is held yearly in the state mostly in the month of December

This year the state government has decided to make ‘Sunburn 2012’ a completely smoke-free event and even after putting certain condition on the event tourism minister Dilip Parulekar said that certain unwanted things were been noticed at the last sun burn event which were destroying goa traditional culture and therefore it was up to the goans to tell as weather sun burn was required to be held in goa or not ….

Parulekar said that goa does not require sun burn which creates a black spot on goan traditional culture …

Parulekar also denied on the media reports which had stated that a number of passes of sun burn event 2012 amounting to crores of rupees were given to some of the state ministers