the hue and cry of Muthalik, bikini culture, pub culture was a well planned strategy of the state Govt so as to divert the attention of Govt failure on all frontsays goa state ncp party


03/07/2014 …

The state ncpncp party has said that the hue and cry of Muthalik, bikini culture, pub culture was a well planned strategy of the state Govt so as to divert the attention of Govt failure on all fronts.
Addressing media persons at the party head office in Panjim ncp spokesperson trojano dmello said that the high price rise of petrol, diesel, onions, LPG, sugar etc was crushing the aam aadmi and the present Chief Minister defence of PWD Minister’s remark exposed the strategy of diverting attention.
Trojano said “Chief Minister who has a habit of blaming media once again said that PWD Minister was distorted and It is surprising the PWD Minister has not charged the Press by his press conference, Since when the Chief Minister of Goa became President of Press Council of India

other points which ncp narrated in their press conference were startling revolution was that the Chief Minister remarked that corruption ws going on in the P.W.D. A Chief Minister’s remark of such nature is done with full knowledge as to who are involved in the corruption.
This was retorted by the P.W.D. Minister by saying that Home Dept., Accounts Dept. also held by the Chief Minister was also corrupt and went on to further say that 20% of burocrat are corrupt everywhere.

They are on record to say that 20% of the bureaucrats are corrupt. Does this means that is the remaining 80% corruption that is going onis done by the Ministers and members of ruling party.

The Policy announced on Medium of Instruction is not an education policy but rather a policy of suppressing the children of the state of quality education as laid down by the Supreme Court.

The grant in aid given to the Minorities school who will teach English as a medium is nothing new as the right of the Minorities institution to run and manage the school of their choice is a right guaranteed under the constitution.

FORCE which spearheaded a movement demanding that parents’ have right to chose medium of instruction have betrayed parents of private English medium school.

The Chief Minister announcement that he is likely to increase water tariff i.e. bring down the slab from 25 m3 to 20 m3 is once again hitting hard at the low middle class citizen of the State. It is a cruel joke that the Chief Minister has on one hand decreased petrol prices of which 75% of consumption of petrol is by the higher middle class and the high class.

NCP suggest that if the Chief Minister is interested in increasing revenue of the PWD water supply then the Govt. should fixed meter to all bore well in industrial estate as underground water is state wealth.

The present drought is unprecedented in the several decades and this has jeopardised the marginal farmer that exist in Goa. As such NCP demands a package be created for farmers who are facing and bound to face heavy losses.


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