while certain ccp corporators had objected to casinos being operated in river mandovi the same casino operators paid an amount of one crore rupees to ccp for setting up the state of art garbage treatment plant though ccp says that money was given under csr activities


08/06/2015 …. Stating that there was no objections as far as casinos were being operated close to the capital city of panjim inside river mandovi director of golden peace hotels & resorts pvt ltd shrinivas nayak has revealed of paying an an amount of rs one crore to the corporation city of panjim by the concerned casino operators for setting up of the state of the art garbage treatment plant in panjim while former ccp mayor surendra furtado said that the money was taken under csr activities …

It may be noted that at a number of occasion a certain no of ccp councilors had raised objections of casinos being operated close from the capital city and even the former ccp mayor surendra Furtado had earlier during his tenure as ccp mayor had stated that he would direct the CCP Commissioner to seal the offices of the off-shore casinos located in the city due to vehicles owned by casino staff and clients were casing congestion on the roads but nothing worked out till date.

What was more surprising was that even though at one side the ccp councilors were shouting from top of their voice against the casino culture blooming up in the capital city at the same time ccp had taken an amount of rs one crore for setting up a garbage treatment plant at patto as informed by the director, of golden peace hotels & resorts pvt ltd shrinivas nayak to media reporters recently …

When this question was put forth before the former ccp mayor surendra furtado as weather the corporation had taken money from the casino operators mr furtado confirmed to goanreporter of taking money from casino operators under csr activities which the ccp commissioner sanjit rodrigues and the ccp council was aware of and were used for procuring certain machinery …

But surprisingly as we went further in to the issue and asked ccp mayor subham chodankar as well as former ccp mayor tony rodrigues if they were aware of any such money being taken by ccp from casino operators both denied stating saying that the issue was never brought to the notice of council meeting and mentioned to verify the facts which they were totally unaware of


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