cooperation minister Deepak dhavlikar opines of putting a ban on cow slaughtering even though the final decision has to be taken by the high court as per the law


08-05-2013 … As Hindus considered cow as god minister for cooperation Deepak dhavlikar on Tuesday said that he was also of the opinion of putting a ban on cow slaughtering even though it was the decision that had to be taken by the high court as per the law.

 It may be noted that high court had put a ban on beef slaughter in Goa, after a petition filed at the Panaji bench of the Bombay high court by the Govansh Raksha Abhiyaan which had alleged various illegalities within the Goa Meat complex, at Usgao,

 the ban on cow slaughtering has not only affected Goans, but has also affected people in Karwar as all beef shops in Karwar have closed down their shutters due to no supply from Goa ..

 Even the Bharatiya Janata Party government had assured the state assembly in its last session that it would request the court to allow slaughter of bulls and male buffaloes at the state-run meat complex.

Slaughter of bulls, oxen and male buffaloes in Goa is legally allowed only at the government’s meat complex, while cow slaughter is banned here.

Speaking to media reporter’s mgp president Deepak dhavlikar said that since Hindus believe of cow as a god he was of the opinion that cow slaughtering should be banned but everything had to be done as per the acts of the law

 Dhavliakar said there was a need for everyone to follow decision as per the acts of the law and on the decision of the high court over the cow slaughtering issue

 Meanwhile president of goa Pradesh congress committee subash shirodkar said that beef had to be made available in the state as soon as possible by which ever agencies were there in the state