deepak dhavlikar could contest cumbarjua seat for next assembly elections


17-05-2013 … Even though three years more are left for the next state assembly elections to be held in goa, goa’s oldest political party Maharashtra gomantak party has already started its work in the congress ruling constituency of cumbarjua where in cooperation minister Deepak dhavlikar has started to hold meetings among mgp supporter’s and other’s as well as stated to take up development works in cumbarjua ..

It may be noted that in early days cumbarjua constituency has been the baston of the ancient old mgp party where in political stalwarts like late dr kashinath jhalmi, and even the present congress mla pandurang madkaikar had earlier won on the mgp symbol ….

according to sources if one goes to see the present scenario says something else where in it is believed that no sooner son of north goa mp shripad naik,  siddesh naik had shown his interest to contest the next state assembly elections the political situation seems to have almost changed in cumbarjua where a political source informed goanreporter that “to give a good fight to the north goa mp son sideesh who is trying to contest from this cumbarjua constituency , cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar and priol mla Deepak dhavlikar has joined hands to exchange their seats where in Deepak would fight the next assembly elections from cumbarjua constituency while madkaikar would fight from priol constituency as the next assembly elections would be mostly fought on the lines of reservations of seats and as there are lot of st voters in priol constituency where as cumbarjua also had a sufficient amount of mgp voters till date if Deepak want to fight from cumbarjua constituency”

When the same question was put in front of the cooperation minister and priol mla Deepak dhavlikar he said “Priol is my constituency and won’t leave it but if there are reservations done before the next assembly elections then I could take a call to contest from cumbarjua constituency as I have been working there and doing a lot of developmental works among the voters of cumbarjua constituency but it all depends on the 2011 census report”

Dhavliakr said “at present we are in the coalition government and we hope to stand in that in future too and with that we can even ask for the cumbarjua seat for my party in the next assembly elections and then I would certainly jump for the cumbarjua seat on behalf of my mgp party and fight the elections there as a candidate”

Dhavlikar said “The mgp party can decided on four to five constituencies and I can stand up anywhere as I have been working for people in some of the constituencies but finally it is up to the people”

son of north goa mp shripad naik , siddesh said “I have come across such things of politicians trying to change their constituencies but there is a saying that one needs to cross the bridge when only you can come to it so let the time come but presently I am working for the people of cumbarjua constituency and it is for the voters to decided finally whom to vote or not but whatever happens or not I have made a taught to fight the next assembly elections from cumbarjua constituency and with that I do have confidence in my party who would decide on the final scenario of the 2017 assembly elections”

 Meanwhile Gpcc president subash shirodkar said “ though the state assembly elections are far away we are not bothered as whoever is trying to contest from cumbarjua constituency for the next assembly elections which are schedule in 2017 as it is up to the people to judge whom to vote for and any one can show his interest in contesting assembly elections from any constituency of the state’

Meanwhile goanreporter also tried to contest the cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar to take his views over the comment but was unavailable due to madkaikar being out of station”