Panaji : December 21, 2019 … Goa Police celebrated its 58th Raising Day with great zeal and enthusiasm recently. To mark the day parade was organised by the Goa Police which demonstrated discipline and enthusiasm of Police force. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Shri. Rajesh Kumar IPS who was the chief guest for the function inspected the Parade held at Police Head quarters, Panaji.

DIGP  Shri. Kumar while addressing the police personnel expressed that, Goa being tourist place and tourism industry is the main stay of the State, conduct and behaviour of Goa Police force needs to be always tourists friendly, he said.

Shri. Kumar lauded the efforts of all police personnel towards serving the people and maintaining law and order and peace in the State. He informed that, crime detection rate for this year is 85% which underscore hard work, dedication and professionalism demonstrated by the Police personnel.

Shri. Kumar also informed about various measures and initiatives undertaken by the Police Department against human trafficking, drugs peddling and other crime.

On the occasion DIGP Shri. Rajesh Kumar felicitated Police Officers with DGP Insignia for their excellence services and awarded Trophies for best Police Stations. Vasco Police Station received first prize, Collem Police Station received 2nd prize and Calangute Police Station stood third.

 DYSP Shri. Kiran Poduval was the Parade Commander and Police Inspector Shri. Narayan Chimulkar was second in command.

    Among the Police Inspectors Shri. Chetan L.Patil, Shri. Tushar Vernekar, Shri. Narayan Chimulkar, Shri. Krishna Sinari, Shri. Prajyot S. Fadte, Shri. Tushar Lotlikar, Shri. Sudhir Redkar, Shri. Pradeep Velip, Shri. Sachin Lokre, Shri. Sherif Jaques were recipients of the DGP`s insignia. Also Police Sub Inspectors Shri. Vijaynath Kavlekar, Shri. Dinesh Gadekar, Shri. Pedro Fernandes were felicitated with DGP insignia. Assistant Sub Inspector Shri. Pradeep Kubal, Head Constables Shri. Damodar Mestri, Shri.Tukaram Shet Mandrekar, Shri. Bashir Mulla, Shri. Umesh Pawaskar, Shri. Sushant Sawant, Police Constable Shri. Mahadev Hatle,Shri. Sulesh Mapari, Shri. Mahesh Arondekar, Shri. Pramod Desai, Shri. Devesh kuttikar were received the DGP insignia.


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