goan educationist’s opines for making sex education a compulsary part of school curriculum


16-06-2013 … Not using the word sex as a part of the education curriculum various educational representatives from the state have opined for making sex education a compulsory part of school curriculum.

It may be noted that a committee, recently formed by the Goa government to suggest ways to avoid offenses of rape or sexual attacks on minors in schools, had come out with a recommendation for making sex education a compulsory part of school curriculum.

The committee, chaired by MLA Vishnu Surya Wagh which was formed around two months back following the alleged rape of a school girl at Vasco town in January this year and a case of girl’s molestation by her teacher in Panaji last year had come out with an elaborate report suggesting ways of curbing such crimes.

in his report the committee had mentioned about Health and sex education to be made mandatory in the school curriculum and the department should also organise talks by resource persons, open forums, workshops, street plays and others to make students, teachers and the public aware about the sex education.

Speaking to goanreporter over the issue chief minister manohar parrikar said that though sex education in schools was the need of the hour proper modalities needed to be worked out for implementing the same

 The committee which had NGOs, social activists and education department officials as its members, has also recommended proper sensitization of children with regards to complete understanding of the human body.

 Principal of dempo college of arts and science dr yasmin modassir said though she was dealing with elder children she felt that such education was necessary for younger children in today’s life with the growing problems in the society …

 Principal of don bosco school fr avin carvalho said though the idea was good it was unfair to use word like sex education which could create a misconception in a student mind

 Meanwhile Secretary of archdiocese board of education fr joe rodrigues was also of the opinion that the word sex was a misleading word which could be taken in a wrong way though sex education was necessary in today’s world