goan fishing trawler owners raises question on the fishing ban implemented by goa state government


15-06-2013 …. After the state cabinet on Friday decided to relax total ban on fishing and permit canoes fitted with outboard motor of up to 10 horsepower capacity to carry out fishing trawlers owners from across the state of goa have raised up a question in front of the chief minister manohar parrikar asking as what is the meaning of uniform ban if fishing ban was relax to a sudden limit …

It may be noted that the state has ordered a 61-day-long fishing ban that came into effect from June 1 but with relaxation given to certain fishing community trawlers owners from goa have termed the decision of the state government as a u-turn decision and mentioned that the decision was totally against the uniform ban on fishing period

Chairman of mandovi fisherman marketing cooperative society limited menino afonso said that such relation given to certain fishing community which would create more difficulties for breeding of fish during the ban period as even the canoes fitted with outboard motor of up to 10 horsepower would net fish which the fishing trawlers would do …

Menino stated that with such decision the state government had put the fishing community in to a total mess