Goan Reporter News: 12th CHildren’s Tiatr Competition To Be Held


Tiatr Academy of Goa in collaboration with Kala Academy Goa will be organizing its 12th Children’s Tiatr Competition from March 10, 2024 to March 16, 2024 at Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Kala Academy Goa.

Every year Tiatr Academy of Goa organizes Children’s Tiatr Competition in order to inculcate Tiatr culture and interest among the children. The purpose of this competition is to involve children upto the age of 16 years in the production and staging of Tiatr.

In all 10 children’s groups will be participating in this competition. The schedule of staging the performances of Tiatrs are as follow.

On March 10, the Tiatr name Mog Assum by Sharon Melancia Mazarello at 10.30 am and the tiatr name Tumchea Sangata Hanv Jiyetam by William Fernandes at 5.00 pm.

On March 11, the Tiatr name Mhaka Zogpak Zai by Santosh Shetkar at 10.30 am and the tiatr name Esai Naslolo Tiatr by Gloria Ferrao at 5:00 pm.

On March 12, the tiatr name Amcho fuddar by George Gonsalves at 10.30 am and the tiatr name Eka Gotteachem Gaion by Pauline M. F. Vaz at 5:00 pm.

On March 13, the tiatr name Pocket Money by Pio Esteves at 3:30 pm, on March 14, the tiatr name Fuddem Panvl Mar by Fr. Milagres Dias at 3:30 pm, on March 15, the tiatr name Khol Khol Baim by Marcos Gonsalves at 3:30 pm and on March 16, the tiatr name Sopnantlea Ganvant by Antonet De Sousa at 3:30 pm.

There will be no ticket charges. The entry will be on first come first serve basis. All Tiatr lovers are requested to attend in large numbers and encourage the young talents.


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