Goan Reporter News: Need to respect basic human dignity; if we do, disparities will cease to exist in the world: Sandeep Kumar, Director, ‘Aaraariraaro’


Kannada film ‘Aaraariraaro’ channels optimism and hopes to emotionally move its audiences, says Sandeep Kumar V, the director of the film at a Press Conference held  at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI 54) in Goa today. “If one can understand and respect basic human dignity, disparity will cease to exist in the world. This film is about two insignificant people who are not cared for by the society but find themselves emotionally intertwined in times of distress.” The film shot over 16 days is about two unlikely individuals brought together by fate. An unavoidable emotional tangle forms the essence of this beautifully woven story.

Speaking about his commitment as an actor and the preparation he underwent for the film, lead actor Prasanna Shetty stressed that in order to avoid distraction, he focused on this project alone for a period of two years. “I was convinced about this project when the Director narrated the very first line. I was involved in the film from the very beginning, right from the process of writing the first line in the film up till the release of the film. To ensure that I do justice to the character, I was present with the Director and the screenwriter while writing each and every dialogue as well.”

Expressing his views with regard to use of AI technology in his films, Sandeep Kumar said, “certain creative elements cannot be achieved or created by AI alone. However, having said that I ensure there are no compromises made in my films with regard to use of the best available technology”

Coupled with an aura of suspense and light moments, the film ‘Aaraariraaro’ promises to captivate audiences with its storyline and emotional quotient. The film, rather than being preachy, aims at allowing its viewers to interpret for themselves a wider meaning in the message it conveys.

To showcase the richness of regional cinema dedicated days have been curated to screen films from different parts of India at the film festival. The 125 minutes long film, ‘Aaraariraaro’ is being screened at 54th IFFI under Indian Panorama, Feature Films section.


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