Goan sea farers demands to the central government to bring captain Sunil James back to India from Togo


20-12-2013 … Goan sea farers have demanded that the central government bring back captain Sunil James to India from Togo to attend his son’s funeral. They have decided to hand over a memorandum to the prime minister of India in this regard.

They will also ask the government appoint a seafarers cell to keep track of any untoward incident on the detained ship in Togo. The seafarers have also asked the union government to provide safety for the captains on ships as they are not having any safety precautions due which they cannot protect themselves. They are planning to conduct a rally to send a message to the government for getting Sunil James to India as soon as possible.

Addressing  media persons, the president of Goan seafarers association said the togo government had arrested three Indian sailors in july lat and put them on trial. The press conference was also attended by vice president frank Viegas, captain Socorro Cardozo, captain glen ozario, captain elborne D’Silva, lobo, captain spirit Cardozo, cheng gilmark D’Mello, zenc gavi Coutinho and captain mukesh Miranda 

Captain Savio Silva lobo said that if Captain Sunil James was involved in assisting pirates he would not take those pirates to port.