porvorim mla rohan khaunte meet’s labour minister avertano furtado, demands re-services of local goans on casino’s in porvorim area


21-dec-2012 …. Accusing casinos of harassing Jet Lev India Accessories  the goan youths employed with them, Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte along with goan youth’s who services were terminated by the casino’s met the labour minister avertano furtado on Friday morning and asked him to take strict action on the casino officials over the issue and also demanded to ask the casino officials to take back the goan youth back on jobs ….

It may be noted that even though the issue was raised in the last budget assembly session by the porvorim mla there has been no improvement in working style of the concerned casinos who have started to employ more non-Goans while the Goan youth have been given step-motherly treatment.

In a discussion held with the labour minister avertano furtado in his office at the secretariat porvorim mla rohan khaunte asked mr furtado to look in to the matter and see that the terminated employees were taken back by the casino officials to work on the casinos ….

Speaking to media reporter’s porvorim mla rohan khaunte giving more details about the discussion said that the labor department officials had not taken up the matter seriously due to which the casino officials were treating local goan’s in a bad way …

Khaunte hoped that now at least the concerned department would take of the goans and take them back for services as soon as possible which was one of his major demand

 Meanwhile labour minister avertano furtado assured to take strict action on the casino officials who were trying to terminate goans and employs non goans on goan casinos …