Press Release For the day as on 05.12.2012 Pertaining to the cases Registered at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.



PANAJI PS:  Shri Gaurang Suctancar r/o Kamat Kinara Miramar complained that between 04.12.12 at 18.20 hrs. to 05.12.12 at 08.55 hrs.  at Prudential group, Real  Estate Developers, 18th June road, Panaji, unknown culprits effected entry into his office  and committed theft of cash  of Rs. 2350/- two CCTv Camera’s  and  network storage box W/rs.40,530/-. Cr.No.365/12 u/s 380 IPC is registered. PSI B.Z. Pawar is I. O.

2)  Mrs.  Cristaline Fernandes w/o Romaldo Estricio r/o Opp. Community Centre Dondrem Bhat, Taleigao complained that on 05.12.12 between 10.45 hrs.  hrs. to 12.00 hrs.  Opp. Community Centre Dondrem Bhat, Taleigao, unknown  culprits  effected entry into her  house with the  help of the key which was kept in the Verandah by her sister in law and committed  theft of 1)  cash of Rs.5,000/- in denomination of Rs.500×10, 2)  Two pairs  of gold ear rings one  with  coins and one  with  tikha W/rs.4000/-, 3)  one big gold bangle W/rs.16,000/-, 4) one gold coin Bracelet W/rs.4,000/-, 5)two  gold Rosary rings W/rs.8,000/-, 6) One gold finger ring of her  husband W/Rs.6,000/-, 7) Two small gold ladies finger  rings W/Rs 4.000/- which were  kept in the cupboard  and the same  is broke  open , 8)  one pair  of gold ear rings of  Rs.4,000/- of her  sister in law, 9) Two  gold finger  rings W/rs.8,000/-, 10)  one gold seven round finger ring W/Rs.10,000/- of her sister in law all W/Rs.69,000/-. Cr.No.366/12 u/s 380 IPC stands registered. PSI B.Z. Pawar is I. O.

PORVORIM PS: Shri Prakash s/o Sakharam Bali r/o Bella Vistawada, Sangolda complained that on 04.12.12 at 18.15 hrs.  at Porvorim,  accused  person namely  Nitesh s/o Bhikaji Kerkar r/o  Sukhawada, Korgao, Pernem rode his Pulsar M/Cycle No. GA-08-D-2514  in a rash and negligent manner while proceeding on NH-17 road from Panaji towards Mapusa and when reached near Mahindra Show room Porvorim ,dashed against Dio scooter No.GA-03-J-1981 as  result  of which the  rider  of  Dio Scooter  sustained  injuries so also  the accused  rider  himself  sustained injuries. Cr.No.159/12 u/s 279, 337 IPC is registered.

2)  Shri Subhash Phulare Jr. Telecom Officer, Porvorim complained that on 05.12.12 between 00.00 hrs.  to 11.00 hrs. near  Tarun Bharat  Office in an open place,  accused  person namely  Raju s/o  Manappa  Lamani, 2) Prakash  s/o  Govind Lamani all r/o Thanda  Belgaum Karnataka, committed theft of BSNL  ULG Cable  wire of 03 meters from open  place. Accused arrested.  Cr.No.160/12 u/s 379 r/w 34 IPC stands registered.

OLD GOA PS: On 05.12.12, one Glen s/o Issac Peter aged 46 yrs.  r/o St. Cruz  n/o  Thivim, Mapusa was found hanging  to a tree near Alua Hotel, Merces. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim. U.D.No.72/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered.

AGACAIM PS: Dr. Sunanda Amonkar of GMC Bambolim complained that on 25.11.12 at TNK in ward No.131 GMC Bambolim, accused person namely Sneha Fernandes r/o Rivona, Sanguem being the mother of child, a newly born baby girl of 11 days knowingly abandoned the child in ward No. 131 GMC Bambolim. Accused being arrested. Cr.No.97/12 u/s 317 IPC and Sec 8 of Goa Children Act stands registered. PI S.M. Vaigankar is I. O.

COLLEM PS: On 05.12.12, one Babaji s/o Krishna Patyekar, age 51 yrs. r/o Bazarwada, Collem was found hanging with the help of Dupatta in his residential house at Bazarwada, Collem. U.D.No.18/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PI Jivba Dalvi is I. O.


MAPUSA PS: Shri Rajendra   Pednekar r/o Mapusa complained that on 05.12.12 prior to 15.50 hrs.  unknown accused  person committed theft of gold chain weighing 10 grams  W/rs.30,000/- ,  two gold bangles 35 grams  W/rs.10,500/- gold ring 8 grams W/rs.30,000/- cash of Rs.60,000/- all W/rs.2,25,000/- and  cheque book, passbook from the  cupboard by  entering  from front door gate  which was not locked. Cr.No.307/12 u/s 380 IPC stands registered. PSI P. Fadte is I. O.

ANJUNA PS: On 05.12.12, one Baptist s/o Antonio Rodrigues was found hanging on the bhendi tree with the help of nylon rope at Gudem Siolim. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim. U.D.No.39/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Mahesh Kerkar is I. O.

2)  Victim girl complained that on 05.12.12 between 02.30 hrs. to 04.15 hrs., four unknown  person/s with  their  common  intention wrongfully  restrained  her and her  friend  and further touched their body  while they were  walking  along  the coast  of Baga and Anjuna beach  thereby  by outraged  their modesty. Cr.No.156/12 u/s 341 r/w 34 IPC stand registered. PI V. P. Karpe is I. O.


VASCO PS: Shri Ravindranath  Naik r/o  Pandar wadi, Head land Sada, mormugao  complained that  prior to 08.11.12 at TNK  at Dhanashree Enterprises situated  at shop No.2 Classic  Building  Pixem Dongri,  Vasco Goa,  accused  Namely  Amar Harijan r/o  Pandar  Sada,  who is his employee in his shop at Dhanashree enterprises committed  theft of cheque and cash of Rs.70,000/- from the said  shop over the  period of his employment, forged  his signature over the  cheque leaves and   produced the same as  genuine at Indian Bank Vasco and  Bicholim Urban Co-Operative Society  Vasco  and  withdrew total amount  of Rs.50,000/-. Cr.No.234/12 u/s 381, 465, 468, 471 IPC stands registered.

CANACONA PS: Miss Rekilda Fernandes r/o Ordofondwada, Bhatpal, Canacona complained that on 05.12.12 prior to 11.15 hrs. in the rented room of  her house H.No.15,  Ordofondwda, Bhatpal, Canacona,  accused person namely  Vinod Soren n/o  Jharkand over  personal  enmity  murdered his  paramour namely Mrs.  Nirmala Gauda aged 42 yrs,  n/o Karnataka and absconded. Cr.No.105/12 u/s 302 IPC stands registered. PI Madkaikar is I. O.

2) Complaint on behalf of the State that on 04.12.12 prior to 22.45 hrs.  accused  person  namely  Batis s/o Luis Gomis r/o  Pallolem  Canacona, was found  playing  live  loud music at  Beendom Bar and Restaurent – Pallolem  without  having  any permission  from the  competent  authority  thereby  causing  annoyance and  nuisance  to the general  public. Cr.No.104/12 u/s of MP control of Noise and Noise Act stands registered. PSI P. Desai is I.O.