Press Release For the day as on 15.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.


Dated 15.12.2012.  ….     NORTH GOA DISTRICT

PANAJI PS:   On 14.12.12, Unknown accused person, aged about 55 yrs.  was admitted in GMC Bambolim and expired while undergoing medical treatment. U.D.No.88/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Anant Gaonkar is I. O.

PORVORIM PS:  Shri Kalidas s/o Harishchadra Lotlikar r/o Moira Pilerna Bardez complained that 12.12.12 at 19.40 hrs.  at Porvorim accused driver  of  Indica car  No.GA-01-R-4922 drove the same  in a rash and negligent manner, while proceeding  from  Panaji  towards Mapusa  and when reached near  Damian De Goa,  Porvorim  dashed  against  pedestrian who was crossing  the road  to proceed  to Sangolda  as a  result  of which the pedestrian  sustained  grievous  injuries  to his  right leg and right  hand  and thereafter  the accused  fled  away  from the spot  without  informing  the  matter  to the  Police  nor  shifted  the  injured  to the   Hospital. Cr.No.163/12 u/s 279, 338 IPC and Section 134 (a) (b) of M.V. Act stands registered. HC-3395 K. S. Ghogal is I. O.

ANJUNA PS: Smt. Lolita r/o Mazalwada, Anjuna complained that on 03.11.12 between 19.00 hr.  to 04.11.2012  at 09.00 hrs.  at Mazalwada,  Anjuna  unknown  culprit committed theft of  her Honda  Activa scooter  No.GA-03-T-2264, W/Rs.17,185/- from open parking place at Mazalwada Anjuna. Cr.No.162/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. HC-3973 V. B. Jadhav is I. O.

OLD GOA PS: Hugo Gonsalves r/o Premier Bairo, St. Cruz complained that on 14.12.12 at 16.00 hrs at Premier Bairo, St. Cruz accused  Rahul  Fernandes Calsito r/o St. Cruz  with account of previous  enmity came  with wooden danda and criminally trespassed into the  house of  complainant and assaulted  the complaiant’s  brother  namely Victor  Benjamin Gonsalves, aged 52 yrs.  r/o Premier Bairo St. Cruz with woodan danda, fist blows and kicks,  thereby  causing him injuries  and also  threatened  him with dire consequence. Cr.No.147/12 u/s 452, 323, 506 (ii) IPC stands registered. PSI Sagun Sawant is I. O.

MAPUSA PS: Shri Dadapir  Navalgund r/o Canca, Kuchelim  complained that  on 13.12.12   at 19.30 hrs. at Cancawada, Kuchelim accused Vasant  Harmalkar   and his two  Sons  ( Name  not known)  and his brother in law  Anil with their common intention trespassed  to the  complainant  house   and pelted  stone  over the  house  roof  and Maruti  van  and also  pelted stone  towards  his wife intentionally  which  hit  to his wife  Shabina  Naval causing  bleeding  injury  to her  further  accused  abused him and his family  members with  filthy words threatened  to kill them with dire consequence  and on account of pelting  stone  caused  damaged  to the tiles  of house of  roof and  Maruti van  belonging to the  complainant all 4 accused  arrested and  released on bail. Cr.No.320/12 u/s 452, 504, 506, 324, 427 r/w 34 IPC stands registered.

2)  Mr.  Melwyn Fernandes r/o Calvim Aldona complained that on 14.12.12 at around 06.50 hrs.  at Calvim, Aldona  accused  Mr.  Greddy  Pontes  and  108 other  villagers  with their  common  object formed  an unlawful assembly  armed with deadly  weapons, criminally  trespassed into his dairy  farm by  damaging the  entrance  gate  abused his  labour  Mr. Joseph  D’Souza  r/o Aldona   and   with a slap, fist blows  kicks  causing  injuries  to  complainant  and his  laborer,  threatened  them with  dire consequence  to kill caused  mischief  by  damaging  complainant, milking  bucket  Honda  Dio scooter  and  set fire the  bags  of cow feed causing  loss  to the  complainant  and further  took away  complainant  power generator  all property  W/rs.65,000/- . Cr.No.322/12 u/s 143, 147, 148, 452, 323, 504, 506, 435, 427, 379 r/w 149 IPC stands registered.

3)  Complaint on behalf of the State that on 13.12.12 at 13.00 hrs.  near  Tar  Junction, Bastora  accused  Juze  Siddi  n/o Karwar  Karnataka  at present  Chichinem  driver of  truck  No.GA-01-V-1455 drove his truck  in   a rash and negligent  manner  without  proper care and  caution  and  while  proceeding from Gurim to Karasdwa and when reached near Tar junction Bastora   dashed  to pedestrian namely Shivappa Guznal who was  labor walking  at left  side  of main NH-17 road as  result  labor fell on the  road  and sustained serious bodily  injuries  and further  succumbed to his  injuries while  undergoing  treatment  at GMC Bambolim further  accused  fled away  from the  spot  with his  vehicle without giving medical treatment . Accused arrested. Cr.NO.323/12 u/s 279, 304-A IPC and Section 134 (a) (b) of M.V. Act stands registered.


COLVA PS: On 14.12.12, unknown male person, aged about 30 to 35 yrs. was found hanging at III ward, Colva. Body preserved in Hospico Hospital Morgue for Identification. U. D.No.47/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Tulshidas Naik is I. O.

VERNA PS: Mr. Francis D’Silva, President of South Goa Tourist Coaches Owners Association complained that on 14. 12. 12. at about 19.00 hrs. at Park  Hayyat Hotel, Cansaulim, unknown accused  taxi drivers stationed outside  the  park hayyat Hotel wrongfully  restrained by  stopping  the vehicle  No.GA-08-U-7765, GA-08-U-2887  and GA-07-F-1499 which were  proceeding  to the  park Hyyat  Hotel and told  to go back and also threatened  the  drivers of the  above  said vehicle. Cr.No.190./12 u/s 341, 506 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. PSI Arjun Sangodkar is I.O.