Press Release For the day as on 27.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered


Press Release For the day as on 27.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered

                             at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.                    

                    NORTH GOA DISTRICT

PANAJI PS: Shri Abdul Rehman r/o Scuba Diving in Goa   Merces complained that on 25.12.12 at 01.15  near  Children’s  garden Campal,, unknown  accused person  rode his Activa  scooter in a  rash and negligent  manner and  on reaching  near  Childrens  garden Campal, without  taking proper cautions took his  scooter  towards right side  and dashed  to pulsar  M/Cycle  No.GA-07-F-0731  as a result of the impact  he fell down on the  road and  sustained  fracture  injury to his  left  leg. Further unknown rider of Activa scooter fled away from the spot along with his scooter. Cr.No.386/12 u/s 279, 338 and 134 (a) (b) of M.V. Act stands registered. HC- Sanjeev V. Salunke is I.O.

CALANGUTE PS: Mr. Manohar Parulkar complained that between 23.00 hrs. on 26.12.12 to 09.15 hrs. on 27.12.12 un shop  No.441 B Web  World, Wadi-Candolim, unknown accused   person effected  entry into his  shop by  breaking  the wire  net  fitted  to the  hole of  exhaust  fan and committed  theft of  cash of Rs.8,00,000/- including  both  Indian  and  foreign currency. Cr.No.303/12 u/s 457, 380 IPC stands registered.

PONDA PS: Shri Irfan s/o Haidar Khan, age 38 yrs. r/o Ganjem- Usgao complained that on 26.12.12 at 13.30 hrs,  at Usgao, accused  person Mohammed Ishmit s/o Mohammed Akhtar, age 19 yrs,  r/o Betoda  n/o  U.P. driving  Rickshaw No. GA-02-V-6837, stole  six big old  tyres  and  one  sumo Jeep  tyre  belonging  to him  which  were kept  in an open  public  place  in front of his house  all W/Rs. 10,000/-. Cr.No.395/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. ASI P.B.  Gawade is I. O.

ECONOMIC CELL PANAJI:Shri  Edney Herdia  r/o  Edmar House , Ella-Old Goa  complained that  between October 2011  to till date at  Banners Broker India  Ltd. , Alfran Plaza  Panaji,  accused  person  namely  Mrs.  Ana Luisa Onofre Alves Bento  and others induced  him and others to invest  in the  company styled  as  Banners Broker Indi a Ltd. with promise  of high returns and when was entrusted  with his funds  and of other  investors, failed  to provide the promised returns,  misappropriated  the funds  and hence  cheated the him  and other  Goan  investors  to the  tune of Rs.15 lakh approx.  The scheme  of the  company  is also  in the  contravention  of the Prize chits and  money  circulation  schemes ( banning )  Act  1978 . Cr.No.41/12 u/s 406, 420 IPC and u/s 4, 5, 6, of the Prize   chits and money circulation schemes Act 1978 is registered. PSI S.  Padwalkar is I.O.


CUNCOLIM PS: On 27.12.12, one Miss Suvarna d/o Chandrakant Velip, age 30 yrs. r/o Kasapwada Chawdi, Netravali  Sanguem  admitted in  GMC Bambolim  as a  case of burn  injuries, expired while undergoing medical treatment. U.D.No.37/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PI R. V. Raut Desai is I.O.

VASCO PS: Vivek Kumar r/o INS Hansa Dabolim complained that on 13.11.12 between 10.00 hrs.  to 11.00 hrs.  at place  not known  unknown  person impersonated  him and  withdrew cash of  Rs. 1,23,140/-  by different  transaction  from the  debit card of SBI, Chicalim  Branch  belonging  to him  through the  internet  thereby  cheated  him  to the  tune of Rs.1,23,140. Cr.No.250/12 u/s 419 IPC and 43, 66-C and 66-D of Information and Technology Act 2000. PI R. A.  Shetgaonkar is I. O.


Sister of the victim girl complained that on 03.08.12 at about 10.00 hrs.  near  Mahalsa  Temple, IDC, Verna  accused  person  namely 1)  Shabu Khan, Contractor, 2) Manoj  and 3)  Sunil both  Security Guard ( full name  and address not known)  kidnapped  victim girl , age 06 yrs.  from their lawful custody. Cr.No.198/12 u/s 363 and Sec 8 of Goa Children Act stands registered.