Date: Feb. 26,2018 … ‘Goa fire force a compact force has very carefully nurtured itself both technically and in terms of  maintaining standards of operating procedures with the need of the time, which is required for the safety of people ,property and state at large” said by the Chief secretary of the State Shri Dharmendra Sharma IAS , who was speaking as  the chief guest for the function of 30th Annual Inspection Day Parade organized by  the Directorate of Fire & Emergency Services at their campus at Campal today.

             Shri Sharma said that, as we grow economically and as our economic activities diversifies it is extremely important that the  our capacity to be safe and our capacity to respond to contingencies and incidents which are bound to happen despite of all the precautions should also keep pace .  In that sense a fire force underwrites in a very quite and silent way our carrying capacity to industrialise and our carrying capacity to host and to generate wealth of the stae with then become the wealth of the     nation.

            Shri Sharma further said that the question of growth of tourism , whenever tourists arrives in Goa the competence of the safety health, fire,  police and other services and  quietly and  very strongly  underwrites. Similarly as we invite investors, entrepreneurs to expand their economic activities once again our capacity to deal with all potential contingencies becomes very crucial.

            The Chief Secretary highlighted incident of likeage of ammonia which took place in Chicalim was handled on the time was called for appreciation . He assured to consider pending proposals and to meet requirements of this Department and he also congratulated the winners for their excellence  in sports and other activities.

            Shri Ashok Menon, the Director of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, in his welcome address said that the Department is alert to meet the needs of the citizens in terms prompt and effective response and have rededicated to their motto ‘We Serve to Save, In order to sensitize the masses with regards to their safety he said the department under ‘Fire Safety Education and Awareness Campaign’ have trained 268 Primary School Teachers and 24300 students from all over the State. . On village Panchayat level under ‘Disaster Preparedness & Fire Safety Training’ around 1554 citizens have been trained from various Talukas he informed. He also said that the Government accord top priority to the safety of all citizen and efforts are being made to well  equip with safety equipments  to face the future  challenges  of calamity or the disaster.     

            During the year the department has conducted various sports and other activities. Like annual fire drill competition were  organized. Shri Shripad Gawas SFO, of Bicholim Fire Station, Shri Santosh SFO,of Kundai Fire Station, were the winners of Squad drill competition.Whereas the winners of Ladder drill competition were Shri Shrikrishsna Parrikar, SFO, Fire Fore Head Quarters, Shri Rahul Dessai, SFO, Verna Fire Station, The winners of Pum Drill are Shri ShriKrishna Parrikar SFO, Fire Force Head Quarters. Shri Bosco Ferrao SFO of Mapusa Fire Station. ,

            Shri Sushil Morakar SFO, of Ponda Fire Station,  and Shri Dilip Bicholkar of Vasco Fire Station. won first the first and second prizes  in tug of war completion.

            Apart from this the event of annual sport meet was also organized in three central, north, and south zones in the sport disciplines’ of Cricket ,Volly ball, and Foot ball etc the Central Zone excelled all three disciplines of games.

            Shri Gaurish K.Gaude Fire Fighter, F.S Kundai, Shri Suresh Gaude, Fire Fighter F.F. HQ, Shri Sushant Dabholkar, Fire Fighter,F.F.HQ, Shri L.S.Dayekar, Driver Operator, F.S. Canacona, Shri Rajesh Talwar, Leading F.F,F.S.Ponda, Shri Kundan Patil Watch Room Operator, F.F.HQ, Shrin Damodar Zambaulikar, Sub-Officer, F.S.Verna, and Shri H.G.Souza, S FO, F.S. Margao were declared best turn out of the year 2018

            Shri Jaspal Singh,IPS, Inspector General of Police, Shri Ajit Kama, Asst. Divisional Officer, Shri D.K Sawant , SP ( Retd. )Skri. Arvind Nair, IB, Shri Nitin V. Vernekar Deputy Director, Fire Services, Shri Anant Joshi, Member Secretary Youth Hostel and others attended the function..

Shri. Shripad Gaus, Station Fire Officer compered the function.


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