Calangute mla Michael lobo wants sunburn event to take place in his calangute constituency maintaining proper traffic management rules


13-10-2013 … Having said that views of saying no to sun burn event in candolim were only of the tourism minister dilip parulekar and not of the state government Calangute mla Michael lobo on Friday said that he would like to see event like sunburn taking place in his calangute constituency maintaining proper traffic management rules maintained during the three day sun burn event

It may be noted that Tourism minister Dilip Parulekar had recently stated that he was not in favour of Sunburn, an annual electronic dance music festival, being held in Candolim as the event caused traffic jams and inconvenience to the people of Candolim ..

Vice chairman and managing director of percept harindra singh had also agree with the statements of the tourism minister and the state administration stating that candolim was a very restricted area as there was too much of commercial activity with even after experimenting with the movement in the past few years there was still lot of congestion due to which he was also of the opinion that sun burn had to move in more open space and therefore had given a couple of options to the government if sunburn had to grow in goa

Speaking to goanreporter calangute mla Michael lobo said that though Government has not said that sunburn would not happen in candolim but it is only the views of the present tourism minister dilip parulekar due to certain traffic congestion taking place in candolim area but at the same time he also have raised similar views on it stating that if sunburn has to take place in candolim then there has to be some rules and regulations for it

On asked about the tourism minister stating that 102% he was confident that this time candolim wouild not host sunburn event in goa Michael said “I once again say that Government has never said no to candalim its the honorable tourism minister view points though he strongly felt that sun burn should not go out of goa