goa cricket association to sponsor club level season ball cricket tournaments in goa


1-mar-2013 … In a way to boost village level season ball cricket tournaments the goa cricket association has decided to support village level club tournaments where in funds for the season ball cricket tournament amount up to rs 20,000 would be provided to cricket clubs of the state …

 Speaking to goanreporter gca president vinod phadke said that as tennis ball cricket tournaments were spoiling the game of season ball cricket tournaments gca would help those state cricket clubs who would like to organize village level season ball cricket tournaments so as to raise up the standard of season ball cricket in goa

 Phadke also said that his main goal was to see a goan boy in one or the other Indian cricket team which he had already promised to the state of giving it in his tenure as a gca president …

 Phadte also commented over the success of gpl-4 t-20 cricket tournament