polling stations for the april 12th lok Sabha elections in the state of goa to be made in to no-smoking areas


11/04/2014 … In a way to make polling stations free from smoking zones the state election office in a circular issued on Friday said that all the polling stations for the april 12th lok Sabha elections in the state of goa would be made in to no-smoking areas so that voters could be able to cast their votes in a smoke-free Environment.

It may be noted that the State Unit of Voluntary health Association of India being a largest health-Care NGO had appealed to the state CEO to ensure polling stations be made smoke-free

 The directive mentions that as polling booths are public places, the circular  is in sync with Section 4 of the Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act, 2003.

 The act states that smoking is prohibited in all public places. Section 4 also states that a mandatory display signage must be posted in public places.

 Speaking to media reporters Chief executive officer Keshav Chandra said that he had asked the Returning Officers, ARO’s and AEROs in the state to take appropriate measures so as to see polling stations as no smoking zone areas.

 Keshav said he had asked his office to keep a strict watch on polling stations as no mobiles phone would be allowed near the polling booth and also strict action would be taken no those who were found in trying to lure voters by offering food and drinks close to the 200 and 100 mts radius distance of the polling booth

 Keshav also stated that since goa was a peaceful state there were no major complaints received by his department during the campaign process in the last few days