st andre mla carries out gmc and surrounding areas site inspection


4-march -2013 … St andre mla Vishnu surya wagh on Tuesday carried a joint site inspection of the goa medical college premises sewage treatment plant and raised serious objections over the functioning of the sewage treatment plant at gmc

The joint site inspection was carried along with the Villagers and panch members of  curca bambolim telaulim village Panchayat though having been informed officials of the goa medical college hospital remained absent at the joint site inspection

the local villagers informed the St andre mla about the problems they were facing due the seepage of the water from the gmc sewage water treatment entering in to their villages due to which locals well’s, septic tank’s were spoiled as well as small water ponds had been formed due to which there was a danger of mosquito breeding in the nearby wards

Speaking to media reporters st andre mla Vishnu wagh said that it was shocking to note that the gmc staff were working at the site of the sewage treatment plant without maintaining proper hygiene standards

 Wagh said that there were many lapses found in to the release of the sewage water treatment plant

 What’s more surprising was to note that even after the gmc officials being informed about the inspection none of the officials came at the site nor did not tried to find out as what a group of people which involved the st andre mla and local villagers were doing inside the campus of gmc hospital raising serious doubts about how the security systems is working in and out of the gmc complex ….