state transport department to start its sms complain services


10/02/2014 …If you are a traffic vehicle violator, then please make it sure that no one see’s you while violating vehicular rules as the same violation done by you could be registered as a complaint to the official of the transport department as the state transport department is all set to start its sms complain services which is all set to start with in a week’s time …

Under the new system which is the sms complain services of the transport department every adt (additional director of transport) would get a separate code (example adt Panjim would get a code 02-07) on which a complainant could send his traffic violation complaints to the concerned adt after which in turn the complainant would receive an unique id no from the same adt for further inquiries

Speaking to goanreporter a top official of the state transport department said “ any traffic vehicular complaints such as auto rickshaws, tour operators charging additional charges, bus operators not issuing tickets, negligent driving and any traffic violation that is seen could be registered with proper details through the sms complain services”

This is the easiest way the officer said “as earlier a complainant who would file his complaint to the transport department had to go through long process to get his problem solved but with this new initiative a complainant would get his problem solve as soon as possible”

The officials also stated that “once the complain was send to the concerned adt, the same adt would send the complain to his motor vehicles inspector or assistant motor vehicles inspector who after completing his inquiry in to the complain would get back to the his adt with the report and the concerned adt would then pass on the final report to the complainant who had filed the complaint”

Presently the state transport department in total had ten assistant director of transport officials along with two enforcement officials who come under the ambit of the director of transport department government of goa .