asking for a life certificate from elders for government schemes is a harassment meted out by state government on elders says north goa mla’s vishnu wagh and pandurang madkaikar


07/04/2015 … St andre mla Vishnu surya wagh said once again criticized the state government decision of asking for a life certificate from elders for government schemes which were creating difficulties among elders to get the certificate from the concerned authorities specially from the mla of the concerned constituency …

It may be noted that the state Government recently had issued notification deciding to collect Aadhar Card Number and Life Certificate from Dayanand Social Security Scheme beneficiaries which had to be submitted on or before June 30, 2015 and incase of Life Certificate the beneficiary has to submit a life certificate by May 15, 2015

Speaking to goanreporter st andra mla Vishnu surya wagh said that the idea of having life certificate by the state government was like giving trouble to elders and therefore there was a need for the state government to come out with a policy where in government could have a list of scheme benefiters village wise which in turn could be revived by village panchayat secretary or the panchayat clerk

meanwhile cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar said that it was sad to see elders were harassed by the state government to get the life certificate for government schemes and therefore the state government had to come out with an alternative way and should immediately stop asking for life certificates