AT IFFI 2015 IN GOA (20TH NOV TO 30TH NOV 2015 ) ::::: AT ICFT Prize- UNESCO Fellini Medal



International Film Festival India (IFFI) 2015 in collaboration with the International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication (ICFT), Paris will present a special ICFT prize consisting of the UNESCO Fellini Medal awarded to afilmwhich reflects the ideals promoted by UNESCO.

Five films have been shortlisted from the official selection of IFFI following the recommendations of the Film Preview Committee constituted by the Directorate of the Film Festivals.

The broad guidelines for the selection of the films are:

  • The film shall exhibit artistic excellence in screenplay, musicand filming technique.
  • The film shall promote the common good which is defined as a society in which persons and communities care for one another’s well-being.
  • The film shall exhibit sensitivity to the human situation, promoting the dignity of all.
  • The film shall cultivate a realistic hope of creative transformation.
  • The film shall reflect the ideals of peace, love, tolerance, harmony and

The Jury:

  1. Ambassador InoussaOusseini, President of ICFT, Film Director, Niger
  1. Jean Roy, Former President of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI), France
  1. Jean-Michel Arnold, President of the ConseilAudiovisuelMondial pour les Etudes et les Réalisationssurl’Art (CAMERA), Secretary General of la Cinémathèquefrançaise, France
  1. Costa Gavras, President of la Cinémathèquefrançaise, Greece/France
  1. Raoul Peck, Film Director, President of Écolenationalesupérieure des métiers de l’image et du son (FEMIS), Haïti
  1. Serge Michel, Vice-President of ICFT, Representative of ICFT in Union Internationale du Cinéma (UNICA), France
  1. Lola PoggiGoujon, Secretary General of ICFT, Italy
  1. Georges Dupont, Director General of ICFT, Luxembourg
  1. Xueyuan HUN, Consultant to ICFT, China






About the UNESCO Fellini Medal


When Italian film director Federico Fellini died in 1993, UNESCO’s Member States had just adopted a General Conference resolution calling for the safeguarding of the cinematographic heritage. An appeal was launched to the international community inviting governments, industry, and the public to participate in a campaign to keep the seventh art alive. Activities were also earmarked for UNESCO’s participation in the forthcoming cinema centenary celebrations in 1995.


The Fellini medal, first unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival in May 1995, therefore had a double significance: to honour the director’s tremendous contribution to film as an art form and to commemorate the centenary of the birth of cinema (1895-1995). The medal’s design of fragmented, interlocking images is the work of Italian painter Valerio Adami.


The obverse side features a profile of Fellini with his signature hat, facing the inscription 8 1/2, the title of one of the most famous films in the history of cinema. The reverse is inscribed Fellini (1920-1993) UNESCO. French sculptor Robert Michel created the model and the Paris Mint mouldedthe medal.