Budbudyachi Tali-Bubbling Lake set for Beautification by Goa Tourism


04/04/2015 …. The Rs 2 crore project plans to take up close to 18 works at the site.

bubbling lake -• Beautification Project proposed to be completed by 2015 year end

Goa’s Bubble Lake also popularly known as Budbude or Budbud or Budbudyachi Tali will soon get a facelift.

Mega plans for beautification of Goa’s well-known bubbling lake are in the offing by Goa Tourism to make this hinterland site the State’s hot spot for domestic and international tourists.

This place which is known for its stunning natural beauty is situated in the tranquility of Goa’s village, Netravali in Sanguem taluka, South District. This place is around 80 kilometers from Panaji via Margao.

The temple of Lord Gopinath situated near the lake is also the main reason for this place to have sacred value though the original idol once present in this temple somewhere in the 14th Century AD is now preserved in the Goa state Museum at Patto, Panaji.

The name Budbud is derived from the constant bubble coming out from the bottom of lake to the surface of the water. There are various legends about this. Some people feel it’s the miracle of the local deity, but it could also be due to the moss growing inside the lake.

The actual reason is not yet known by anybody. Thousands of tourists visit this place for the enchanting sound of the bubbles and a dip in the waters known for their medicinal value.

The bubbles at the Budbudyachi Tali are known to strangely increase in intensity if one claps loudly. It seems to respond to the noise made near it. The tank in form of laterite masonry has a flight of steps all around leading to the sacred tank. A huge box-shaped laterite pedestal is located at the center of the tank.

Goa Tourism’s plan for beautifying the bubbling lake and Devasthan is to align the approach pathways along the axis of the temple and bubble lake which is currently lost in the existing paradigm. The proposal includes widening of the existing approach road with new street lamps and parking for vehicles along the road to the land belonging to the Devasthan.

A new laterite masonry ledge wall is planned around the existing step well with a glass railing. A new bathing pool will be located near the step well for locals and tourists to take a dip which will have waters diverted from the overflow of the step well therein. The beautification proposal also includes retaining walls masonry sitting ledges, a gazebo, site lighting and traffic signages.

“This mega beautification plan for Budbudyachi Tali will begin shortly and Goa Tourism is focusing strongly on this project which is right in the heart of the State’s hinterlands,” said Tourism Minister Shri. Dilip Parulekar.

The Rs. 2 crore project will take up close to 18 works and is expected to be completed by this year end.

“Goa’s hinterland tourism is gaining strength and beautification of the enigmatic Bubbling Lake will add more attraction and spiritual fervor as well,” said Chairman of Goa Tourism Development Corporation, Shri. Nilesh Cabral.

Goa Tourism plans to commence work on the project shortly and complete it at the earliest.


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