Calangute mla Michael lobo points towards wrd minister for supporting the hill-cutting incident at the Xavier retreat centre at baga


02/05/2015 … Stating that he would not allow anyone to construct a 6 mts road trespassing the retreat centre Calangute mla Michael lobo has named the water resources department minister dayanand mandrekar having been involved in to the hill-cutting at the Xavier retreat centre at baga, which has endangered the Jesuit retreat house on the Baga hill.

Addressing media persons calangute mla Michael lobo said that he was surprised to see that the state ncp party was trying to politicize the issue when the senior vice president of ncp party salim sayyed was himself involved in the issue …

Mr lobo said that since certain law in the state were weak there was a need for laws and specially tcp act to be amended which could stop hill cutting or converting agricultural fields in the state

Meanwhile Commenting over the issue of bjp led government trying to issue licenses to four new land casinos Michael said that new casinos would not be allowed in his constituency and if given he along with goans would come on the streets against his own government


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