CCP decides not to renew trade licenses of five casino offices operating from the capital city land for the current financial year


16-07-2013 … Exclusive story: Getting tough with the off shore casinos being operated close to the mandovi river in to the capital city of panjim the Corporation of the City of Panaji has decided not to renew trade licenses of the five casino offices which are being operated from the capital city land for the current financial year thus stating that casino offices were run illegally on the ccp land in the capital city

it may be noted that the corporation had recently decided to seal the Panaji offices of all casinos operating in river Mandovi on grounds that the casinos were causing traffic problems in the city and blocking the river.

The Following resolution was moved by councillor Kabir Pinto Makhija which had a support of 29 of the 30 councillors  after which Furtado had stated that he would issue a note to the CCP Commissioner directing him to seal the casino offices.

According to the ccp officials as a part of the trade tax a fee of rupees fifty thousand with additional ten percent has been fixed by ccp from last year for a year for each of the five casino operators namely

m/s casino goa – advani pleasure cruise co pvt ltd

casino pride – goa coastal resorts and recreation pvt ltd

casino carnival – v m salgaocar and bro pvt ltd

casino royale – delta hospitality and entertainment pvt ltd

casino kings – coastal sports venture pvt ltd

to be paid to ccp but with the trade license having been expired in last April the further decision of  renewal of trade licenses of the this five casinos offices have been kept pending bringing forth further illegalities of casinos offices being illegal operated in Panjim without trade license

Speaking to goanreporter over the issue ccp mayor surendra furtado said that cpc had not renewed any trade licenses of the casinos which had their offices in the city jurisdiction and the casino operators were operating their offices illegally

furtado also named the five casinos who were operating their office illegally without trade licenses in the capital city

Meanwhile on asked about his views over ccp mayor furtado intentions of closing casino offices from the city chief minister manohar parrikar in his statement said that if such decision of the ccp was by provision of law then they had to take action on it