dead lock over collection of city garbage over CCPanaji and CCP employees union comes to an understanding


10/07/2015 …. After a four days of dead lock over the collection of city garbage was restarted on Friday by employees after the Corporation of the City of Panaji and the CCP employees union on Thursday arrived at a solution to bring to an end the impasse surrounding the daily wages with the corporation accepting to pay pay daily wages of 323 to the workers on which the union agreed to.

Ccp workers were seen on Friday collecting the city garbage which had been lying for the past four days specially in the city market due to which citizens had to face a lot of hardships while moving in and around the capital city even though ccp had tried to use private employees to tackle the garbage issue during the strike period

according to the information from the corporation the issue of the wages for the eight days strike undertaken by the union in December in this CCP has agreed to adjust the strike period against the leave sanctioned to permanent workers while those workers who have not yet been regularized would not be paid wages but their service records will also indicate that there was no break in service …

it may be noted that in the past four days the capital city has been smelling of garbage stench with garbage being scattered all around the capital city due to the strike called on by the ccp workers

Well know cardiologist dr rufino monteiro commenting over the issue of garbage said that it was a stinking issue in the past few days which gave a dirty image to the city and therefore ccp should try and see such things are not taken place again



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