elections to taleigao village panchayat held peacefully


27/04/2014 … Elections for the 11-ward of the taleigao village panchayat got underway peacefully at the various booths levels situated in and around the taleigao village panchayat on Sunday morning

The village panchayat of taleigao has a total of 16,055 votes comprising 7,999 male and 8,056 female voters and has a total of 26 booths and 45 candidates in the fray …

The counting of votes will be held on Monday.

Besides individual candidates, there are also three panels one by St cruz mla Atanasio Babush Monserrate, another backed by bjp and a third by former BJP assembly candidate Agnel Silveira in the fray

The st cruz mla babush mobsoratte and his wife and taleigao mla along with his sons were also seen at the polling booth to cast their votes on Sunday morning

While it is expected to be a straight fight between the monsoratte and the bjp supported panel the third panel is likely to put up a good fight as the panchayat elections will surely prove as to what extent does mr monsoratte has a hold over the constituency

Speaking to media reporters st cruz mla babhsh monsoratte said this time his panel manifesto had emphasized on clean and green taleigao and would also strive upon basic amenities

Monsoratte criticized the bjp panel for taking credits of the developmental projects done by him and mentioned that he was ready for an open debate with the chief minster on the issue

Meanwhile taleigao mla jenifer monsoratt along with ccp mayor surendra furtado and other ccp corporators of the monsoratte panel were also seen trying to helping the monsoraate panel candidates on voting day