Panaji, May 22, 2018 …  Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has appealed to all food business operators dealing in food business by way of catering to compulsorily display a true copy of their FSSAI license, along with name and contact number of the Food and Business Operator at the place of banquet set up while catering for various functions.

            The Food Business Operators who are dealing in food articles by way of retail sale/ wholesale/ manufacturer/trader/distributor/supplier/caterer/repacker/restaurants/mobile carts, including those who participate in various exhibitions are informed that dealing in food articles without a valid registration certificate or license under the Food Safety And Standard Act, 2006   and rules/regulation, 2011, is in contravention of the provisions of the Act/Regulations, and is punishable with imprisonment and under Section 63.  

            The above said categories of Food Business Operators should not start their business activity without obtaining the required license/Registration Certificate from Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration.

            The Food Business Operators who are found operating their food business without license will be dealt with imprisonment and fine, as provided under Section 63 of the Food Safety and Standard Act 2006. It is mandatory for all Food Business Operators to display their License/Registration Certificate in a prominent place at the business premises, failing which a fine will be levied on the defaulters, for non display of the License/Registration Certificate, by way of compounding of offence.  


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